LDI Mentorship series #2

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In this webinar, we will delve into the intricacies of Lyme disease treatment using LDI (Low Dose Immunotherapy). Dr. Ty Vincent will provide a comprehensive review of the previous session, introduce new concepts specific to Lyme disease, and answer questions to address the concerns and experiences of practitioners. This session will focus on the immunological approach to treating Lyme disease, emphasizing the differentiation between infection and immune response, and the strategies for dose titration and patient-specific treatment plans.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review of Previous Concepts: Revisit the foundational principles discussed in the first session and the LDI basics webinar, ensuring a solid understanding of the approach to Lyme disease treatment.
  2. Understanding Immune-Mediated Disease: Differentiate between treating Lyme disease as an infection versus an immune-mediated disease, and comprehend the rationale behind modulating the immune response rather than attempting to eradicate the bacteria.
  3. Dose Titration Techniques: Learn the methodology for safely and effectively finding the optimal treatment dose for Lyme disease patients, considering the broad range of effective doses required by different individuals.
  4. Handling Complex Cases: Explore advanced topics such as the separation of bacterial species by genus to address mixed responses in patients with multiple co-infections.
  5. Symptom-Specific Treatment Adjustments: Develop strategies to make precise adjustments based on patient feedback, ensuring the management of residual symptoms and the optimization of therapeutic outcomes.
  6. Addressing Patient-Specific Variables: Understand the impact of patient personality, symptom severity, and individual variability on treatment plans and dose adjustments.
  7. Booster Dose Application: Gain insights into the application of booster doses to extend the duration of symptom relief and improve long-term patient outcomes.

This interactive session is designed to empower practitioners with the knowledge and tools needed to enhance their practice and improve patient care.