Intro to LDI/LDA

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LDI is a form of immune desensitization that works by restoring tolerance for various disease conditions. The theory in using LDI is that these conditions and their symptoms have been triggered and physically manifest in the immune system causing tissue inflammation and potential damage in some way.

Join Dr. Ty Vincent, MD as he discusses the “basics” of LDI therapy, including the evolution of the therapy, its application in clinical practice, selecting appropriate antigens for various immune-mediated disease conditions, and utilizing dose titration and booster techniques. If you are a practitioner seeking guidance on how to implement this therapy into clinical practice, we encourage you to enroll!

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this educational activity, participants will be able to:

  • Recall the history of low-dose immunotherapy
  • Compare the application of low-dose immunotherapy and how it differs from other forms of immunotherapy
  • Implement LDI into clinical practice
  • Determine the appropriate delivery (intradermal vs. sublingual) of LDI based on a patient’s clinical presentation
  • Apply dose titration and booster dose techniques in patients receiving LDI