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Frequently asked questions

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    How soon can I schedule an appointment?
    We can typically get a new consultation scheduled within a couple weeks of an inquiry. We don't have a long waiting list because many clients only need the initial consultation.
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    Do you accept Insurance?
    No, we do not. Insurance companies do not cover LDI or LDA under the current rules.
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    How much does an appointment cost?
    The first appointment is $600, for an hour consultation. If the appointment goes over the hour, the cost is dependent on the time spent discussing your case. New Consultations are $600 minimum.
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    How much does the Low Dose Immunotherapy dose cost?
    $150 for up to 5 syringes, per dose cycle, per person (any number of antigens can be in one syringe.) If you need over 5 syringes, they are an additional $15 each, in a given dose cycle. Dose reporting communication is included in your new consultation fee and the dose fee. There is not a charge for dose reports that follow the dose report guidelines.