Dr. Ty Vincent

Dr. Ty Vincent’s journey in medicine began with his studies at the University of Washington and family medicine residency in Anchorage, Alaska. His exploration into diverse medical fields laid the groundwork for his pioneering work in LDI.

In Alaska, Dr. Vincent’s practice focused on comprehensive care and the innovative use of telehealth in Low Dose Immunotherapy. His groundbreaking work in developing over 70 LDI antigens has been instrumental in treating chronic illness like Lyme disease and allergies, marking him as a pioneer in the field. Now based in Hawaii, Dr. Vincent continues to revolutionize LDI treatment.

Personal experience, professional expertise

Driven by a passion for solving medical mysteries and helping chronically ill patients, Dr. Vincent continuously expands his knowledge. Throughout his career, he has witnessed the increasing prevalence of chronic illness and is committed to resolving these complex issues, ensuring optimal health for his patients. His personal journey with autoimmune disease, developing Type 1 Diabetes at 38, grants him a unique perspective on balancing modern-day stressors, lifestyle, and health optimization techniques within his integrative approach.

Get to know Ty

Dr. Ty Vincent, M.D., brings over 15 years of experience as an Integrative Medicine Physician. He earned his medical degree from the University of Washington and completed his residency in family medicine in Anchorage, Alaska. Dr. Vincent’s diverse expertise includes acupuncture, Chinese medicine, environmental medicine, allergy and immunology, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, chelation therapy, hyperbaric medicine, integrative cancer therapy, regenerative peptide therapy, Reiki, Psychedelic Assisted Therapy informed practitioner, and nutritional medicine.

Dr. Vincent is a nationally recognized lecturer on bio-identical hormone therapies, vitamin D, and low-dose immunotherapy (LDI). In 2008, he pioneered immune therapy techniques for treating chronic Lyme disease and various chronic immune-mediated diseases with notable success and safety. His groundbreaking work extends to the development of LDI for Allergens in September 2018, offering a revolutionary approach to treating food, environmental, and chemical sensitivities/allergies.

Dr. Vincent is married with nine  children ranging in ages 5-28, and resides in Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. He has raised and is raising children with three decades of knowledge and offers a unique insight of understanding. He practices medicine locally two days a week with the team at Kona Integrative Health offering optimal Hormonal care and insight into Mental Health collaboration, chronic complex immune-mediated issues and is a notable member of the community.

Meet Jinette

Founder of Global Immunotherapy & Trauma Healing Facilitator at COPE

Jinette is the warm voice on the other end of your email correspondence offering guidance and support to Global Immunotherapy clients. For the past 8 years, Jinette has been an integral part of their family-run business, working alongside Ty to provide the foundation and support necessary in order for Low Dose Immunotherapy to reach more providers and patients globally and develop additional antigens for patients.

Get to know Jinette

Jinette Vincent, a devoted mother and bonus mom, has navigated a remarkable journey marked by resilience, compassion, and an unyielding dedication to healing and personal growth. At 42, her life is a testament to transformation and driven purpose.

With an MBA in Marketing and initial dreams of law school, Jinette’s life took a significant detour after meeting Ty and being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, allergies, and a host of chronic autoimmune conditions. This led her from over a decade in big box retail management to a fulfilling new chapter in the health and medical field.

But Jinette’s story stretches beyond her business achievements and work with Low Dose Immunotherapy. Her own healing journey unveiled the deep connection between mental wellness and chronic illness, inspiring her to establish COPE—a platform dedicated to facilitating trauma healing.

At COPE, Jinette lovingly guides sessions aimed at addressing PTSD, C-PTSD, relationship healing, grief, and family trauma. Her approach, enriched by personal battles with C-PTSD and professional expertise, underscores the importance of holistic health and integrative healing practices.

Jinette also brings her healing touch as a Reiki practitioner, EMDR provider, and facilitator of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, broadening her impact on those seeking wellness. Her dedication to healing is a profound commitment to helping others find their path to wholeness.

Outside the professional realm, Jinette cherishes her time coaching track & field at her children’s school and staying active. Alongside Ty, her most steadfast supporter and mentor, she radiates gratitude and a spirit of service, fueled by a shared desire to positively affect the lives around them.

Through her personal struggles with Lyme Disease and various autoimmune conditions, Jinette has become a beacon of hope and healing. Her work at COPE and her involvement in the community showcase the enduring strength of the human spirit and the incredible potential for renewal, particularly in providing local health options for the residents of the Big Island of Hawaii and beyond.

Kona Integrative Health

Dr. Vincent offers his expertise locally at Kona Integrative Health as an Integrative Medicine Physician.

He is currently accepting new patients. Please visit Kona Integrative Health to learn more.

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